Five reasons why the Isle of Man should be your next holiday destination

The Isle of Man is a match made in heaven for those seeking rest and relaxation or an active walking or cycling holiday in the great outdoors. Here at Isle of Man Holiday Cottages, we love nothing more than to see our guests exploring and discovering what the island has to offer.

If you’ve never visited, you’ll be amazed by what there is to see, do and experience here. So, we’ve rounded up our five top reasons why you should make the Isle of Man your next holiday destination

  1. Picture perfect scenery

With its rolling green hills, dramatic coastline and quaint towns and villages, the Isle of Man is home to awe-inspiring scenery

The Isle of Man's most southerly point - The Sound.

that provides countless photo opportunities. Whether it’s a vibrant sunset in Peel, a blustery day at the Ayres in the north of the island, or a panoramic view over Port Erin bay at the height of summer, you’ll be blown away by the stunning views and vistas the Isle of Man has to offer.

  1. Dark Skies for stargazing

Did you know the Isle of Man has the highest concentration of dark sky sites in the British Isles? On a clear night you can see the Milky Way and more. The Northern Lights are even visible from the north-eastern coast, too, where our East Ballabane Farmhouse and Milking Parlour cottages are located.

  1. Peace and quiet

Forget bustling crowds and lengthy queues, here on the Isle of Man you can enjoy total peace and quiet, with an array of hidden coves and open countryside to enjoy. Walk for miles along the island’s coastline with only the occasional dog walker for company. Enjoy a romantic stroll through one of our magical glens or head up into the hills and feel as though you’ve escaped the modern world completely.

  1. It’s a food lover’s dream

The Isle of Man is home to a wealth of incredibly diverse, locally produced food and drink. From fresh seafood, including the island’s famous Queenies, to locally distilled gins, ales and ciders and – of course – our unofficial national dish of chips, cheese and gravy, you’ll be spoilt for choice whether you’re dining out at one of our many restaurants, pubs and bars or cooking up a feast with local ingredients at one of our self-catering cottages on the Isle of Man.

  1. It’s close to home

Getting to the Isle of Man is a lot easier than many people think. You can fly from most major UK airports, including Liverpool, Manchester and London Gatwick, or you can travel by ferry from Liverpool, Heysham, Birkenhead, Dublin and Belfast.  Travel time varies depending which method of transport you take, but we can promise you that however you get here – it’ll be worth the journey!